And more propaganda.

Promoted by the White House, distributed by the major TV media outlets.

I suppose that the networks have no choice, as the feds own the airwaves, but still this is a bit over the top.

“We control what you see and hear”….Remember the opening of the show “outer limits”?

Watch for the media blitz next week. It will be sickening. And it might well work on those who were stupid enough to vote for Mr. Obama, as they can be easily swayed by a week of emotional appeals. The rest of us (who probably already serve our community in some manner already, despite having jobs and lives), will not be easily swayed by a week long blitz, just angered.

Personally, I think that this will lead to a backlash….

Politicians from lampposts and all that.

More info on the whole thing HERE.

One thought on “Propaganda

  1. We control the horizontal, we control the vertical….

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