There’s enough blame for many

via Second City Cop, I offer you THIS.

I would refrain from commenting, because for the most part, what is said in the article is almost enough.

But I must add to the indictment the welfare system, that system that promotes bad behavior in our children when they become able to bear children themselves. To provide cash payments to young women who do nothing more than lay with a boy (or man) and then, 9 months later, give birth without a thought to the future of that child or its rearing is wrong. The system as it stands had destroyed the family culture in the black community (and, let us not forget, is destroying it in the white community as well). The system which promotes (yes, promotes) husbandless mothers and fatherless children. A system that causes men, who should be providing parenting and who should be father figures, to become only sperm donors.

This lack of parenting by women, and especially by men, is what leads to the exact sort of violence that is referred to in the article. Men who are only sperm donors do nothing to provide for the emotional and cultural education and maturity of the children that they “father”.

Until we stop rewarding bad behavior by young women, and stop making them economically viable without fathers, there will be recurrences of the sort of behavior which killed Derrion Albert.

A rule of economics I was taught in school: if you subsidize something, you will get more of it.

Until we cause young women to think about the future, to look at their children’s future, especially economic future….Until these women look at their sexual partners as potential mates in the economic and family sense, and not just in the sexual sense, there will be other generations of young men (and women) who demonstrate the same animal like behavior. Until we begin teaching them civilization, they will be that which their their nature makes them to be, animals.

This is not about race, it is about culture….Or the lack thereof.