Good news!

Perhaps even the house is able to see whats what….Or perhaps they are deciding to get in front of this, and sacrifice ACORN to keep the rest of us voters happy.

Either way, it is a great thing that the issues with ACORN have finally been made public enough that even the MSM decided to report on it…of course, it is sad that the media is so in the pocket of the liberals that it took 2 youngsters to do the MSM’s work for them. Its not like there were any real surprises in the allegations against the folks from ACORN…

Of course, the bills are not compatible between the House and Senate, and they will, if we allow it, probably quietly let the issue die without reconciling them, but only if We The People lat them….

Now….the real question:

Will Mr. Obama have the gall, the effrontery to veto this bill, if and when? Or will he throw his friends, colleagues and staunch supporters to the wolves….

Either way, this is great news.

BTW, to see how your representative voted, go HERE