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So I have a suggestion to all you liberals who seem to think that everyone should pay taxes, and that it’s ok to decrease health care for those of us who work for it to give health care to those who either don’t or who cannot afford it:

Here’s the thing…You are welcome to work as hard as you wish, but if you think that we all should pay more taxes, then please, set an example. Feel free to pay all of your income to the government, keeping only enough to keep you above the poverty line.

Feel free to take the time to claim an uninsured person as a dependent on your insurance….Hell, claim 6 or seven on the family plan.

Just leave my money and my health insurance alone.

For you liberals making 6 or more figures…..Please re-read the above. spend your income like you want the rest of us to. You really don’t need that McMansion, or the three (or more) cars…The boat, the condo on the lake, etc..

Put your money where your politics are.

Or else just shut up and go away.