222 years ago today

Today is, BTW, Constitution Day.

222 years ago today, 39 brave men signed a document that gave meaning to the new nation. 222 years ago today, those brave men signed their names to a document which set the framework for a nation that grew faster than any other in the world, and attracted the best, brightest, strongest, gutsiest, most productive people in the world from their home countries in the quest for freedom. They built a country which, in only a century and a half, became arguably the strongest, most productive, most free nation in the world.

In signing that document, those men made life better for those who had the courage and intestinal fortitude to make the move from their homes in the search for a better life. In the 1800’s it was, generally, a one way trip. Yet thousands upon thousands chose to move to this new land of opportunity and freedom, created and sheltered by the words placed on that document. Poles, Russians, Germans, Englishmen, Chinese, Greeks, Africans……. Hindu and Muslim, Buddhist and Christian….From all continents they came, in the quest for freedom and opportunity that the Constitution promised.

Let us all take the time to thank those brave men, and to thank whatever deity you speak to that they had the courage to create that document and to make it the law of the land.

And let us never let the defense of that wonderful document ever become anything other than our highest priority, even unto revolution against those in government who would ignore it or circumvent its meaning.

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