Because they think they know better than you do

The left thinks (at least their elite “intelligentsia” do) that they know better than the rest of us how to take care of ourselves. If we would only take their advice, and live the way “they” say, we, as society at least, will be better off. Of course, we, as individuals might not be better off, but society as a whole will be better. (hint, that’s why they call them socialists….)

Instead, they feel that we “act like teenagers“…Unruly teenagers at that. Unable to make decisions without guidance from a parent-like government. How condescending, how paternalistic….how elitist.

They have no idea, however, how unruly people can be when a socialist begins to tell them how hot or cold they can make their house. The people of this country can only be pushed, can only take so much. We are, after all, used to freedom, and will only brook so much interference in their lives. Even though they are trying to “boil the frog slowly”, the frog will only take so much heat.

Willing to let the government turn back your thermostat or your water heater because they think that they have a better use for the electricity that you would use for heating you hot water or heating or cooling your house? That’s what the elitists think they should be able to do with the “smart grid” at your house. You gonna let them decide how hot or cold you must be? Gonna sit idly by as they choose who gets power and who doesn’t?

Betcha that they find out what truly unruly children we can be, should they decide to try to implement this scheme…..

But that is another topic for another day.

ETA: Midwest Chick has another slightly different view.