The Chicago Way….The apples don’t fall far from the tree

So everyone is up in arms about the telephone conference between the White House (via Buffy Wicks…who works for Obama via Valerie Jarret) and the NEA


Did anyone expect that the true colors of a Chicago politician and his Chicago Staff would not eventually shine through? Strongarming those whose funds you control is a good old Chicago method of control. It’s not like this sort of tactic is a new idea. The art has been polished and refined for many years. (see also: Mayor Daley….Both of them) Lets face it. Mr B. Obama is a product of his environment. It’s how he got where he is today, via the power structure that works by twisting arms. If you are surprised, then you are either not paying attention to who he is, have spent the last few years in an alcoholic or drug induced haze, or you have the intelligence of limp broccoli.

The fact that they thought that they could get away with it is the real issue. Not so much that fact that they tried….Or the fact that we know about it.

Lets forget about the fact that the government has no mission to (nor mandate either) fund what some artist might call art. (nah, lets talk about it) IMNSHO that should be left to the rich…Let them decide what “art” they would like to endow with funds. Let other foundations choose (or not) to promote artists. It is not for the government to choose what to fund.

The fact is that the transcripts show that the NEA has failed in its mission. It has betrayed those who created and supported it. It has, while not necessarily offered money to those who are funded by NEA grants, at least threatened and coerced them to be pro-Obama in their “art” endeavors. NEA is supposed to be there because “art and humanities is for everyone” (actually it is colossal waste of taxpayer money for a bunch of liberal weenies who congratulate each other’s work in a never ending circle jerk, all funded with someone elses money.

We should, IMO, immediately de-fund the NEA, for the same reasons we defunded Acorn.

(Personally, I’d burn the administrators of the NEA at the stake, but then again, I am like that for people who betray the trust ….)

But then again, perhaps we can get more posters like THIS.