Health care legislation is dead……really.

So yesterday the comment was made that there would be some kind of health care legislation and how would it change our current situation…..My take is that there will be no legislation at all, simply because no politician will be willing to vote “yes” on any legislation concerning changing of our health care. Since the DNC and it’s minions couldn’t push the thing through quickly and early, then they have lost the initiative and anything related to such a bill is toxic….The “third rail” of politics…..No politician who wants to get elected in 2010 or even 2012 will vote for any health care bill. Even in so-called blue states.

So ultimately, since the votes won’t be there, they will table things for a year or so and try again…All the while claiming “victory” .

The thing is, if they really want to change things for the better, and help people be insured, then there are a lot of reform opportunities available, just none that will make splashy headlines.. Tort reform, changing regulations to allow better purchasing, co-ops, streamlined regulations, etc. But do they ever propose this? Nope.

The real thing is, is this about helping people or about power?? Ultimately, I think it is about power and control over you and me. Control over your health care is control over you. And for a socialist, (or if you prefer, a statist) control over the individual by the state is everything…

The thing is with these people, they never give up and they never stop. They are back year after year, trying each and every time they think that they get a chance.

Let’s not let them have that chance.