Your breath is a pollutant, according to the EPA

The EPA now says that CO2 (yeah, the stuff that people, dogs, horses, and cows exhale) is now a pollutant. As absurd as this appears on the surface, when you look deeper, it then appears to be more sinister….

CO2 as a pollutant opens the door to cap and trade, with the attendant tax and rise in costs for EVERYTHING. Food, transportation, heat, manufactured goods, etc.. Everything costs more under cap and trade.

Eventually, they’ll tax you for having a kid, as he/she will exhale a LOT of CO2 during his/her lifetime. (or they’ll tax everyone yearly based on weight or body mass, or something like that…Men will most likely be taxed more than women, as we exhale more CO2 per pound of mass than women).

While Europe is giving up on such ideas, Mr.Obama and the tree huggers EPA folks are going blindly ahead with their flawed plan.

What asses they appear to be.