April 19

Today is Patriots Day. “When Colonel Smith moved into the countryside to collect these arms and munitions gathered by the patriot militia, hostilities erupted at Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775. Soon afterward, militia contingents from places throughout New England took up positions outside Boston, putting the city under siege”.

Also the end of the “midnight ride of Paul Revere”. He and others helped the revolution by delivering timely warnings to the “rebels” in order that the English could not confiscate the armory and weapons at Lexington and Concord, thereby making sure that the local citizens had at least as much firepower as the English army. By doing so, they made sure that the good citizens remained citizens instead of subjects. Paul was arrested by the British and detained, and his horse confiscated.

Having the powder and shot, as well as additional weapons, made sure that the English could not enslave the colonists, and led to the revolutionary war, and eventually the country that we call the USA. We can debate many things, but we all must accept that this is indeed a Very Special Day. In my (not so terribly) humble opinion, today should rank as highly as July 4th. Today was the beginning of the new country as much as July 4th. Moreso, perhaps. For had those brave and courageous souls not rebelled, and rather taken the easy and safe path, the country might not exist, and we might never have gotten the wonderful constitution that makes this country so great. Today is the day we should celebrate! Today was the beginning of our country’s greatness. Today, in 1775, was the acts of rebellion and bravery that started our country.

Of course, today also marks a day of murder of our citizens by the government, and a day where the rest of us stood by and watched. Today is the day that the BATF killed 76 men, women, and children because of their religious beliefs. Today is the day where the rest of the country let that happen with no consequences. Today should be a day of shame where those of us who were alive at that time and able to shoulder arms failed those folks at Waco, TX. We failed them because we allowed their murderers to remain free, and never demanded an accounting for their actions.
We should remember this day with shame because of that. Today is a day we should hang our heads in shame, for we did not demonstrate in modern times the spirit and fortitude of our country’s founders.

Today is both a day of wonder and pride, and a day of shame. Today should be remembered and held sacred moreso than any other national secular holiday.

Let us remember it for all of those, and decide that the first shall happen again if needed, and the second shall never again happen, on this or any other date no matter what the cost. For if we allow such actions again, we allow the slow death of our country and our national pride, and begin down the path to darkness.