The left must fear the Tea Party movement

This article claims that the Tea Parties were a dud. Maybe so. It was a dud if you discount the fact that the MSM barely acknowledged the fact that they were held, and that in excess of 300,000 people cared enough to take the day off from work, losing a day’s pay or burning a vacation or personal day in order to attend.

We are also racist. Somehow, the fact that we are against higher taxes and government waste and tax and spend policies makes us racist. I was at the Chicago Tea Party, and while the crowd was predominantly white, there were a significant number of black, asian, and hispanic people, both men and women, attending. No one seemed to care what color the attendees were, merely that they were there.

It seems that the left will do anything to damage this movement. Anything to discredit or denigrate it.

Sadly, they will only convince those that are already lost to the left side. Only those who already believe in the power of the left…The Statists. Their arguements will not sway anyone who is even remotely able to think objectively.

I smell fear.

Fear is good.