Once again, they look like bumbling fools

So Obama meets another leader of a country (one with whom we need to be on friendly terms) and his staff bumbles it. This time, they misspell a name of Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. Now I know that these latin folk have lots of names, some of them long, but fer Christ’s sake, you’d think that they’d get things right after all the other gaffes they have made with other foreign leaders. Plus they pushed his meeting back because it’s St. Paddy’s day. (I know, to the Irish among you, it’s an important day, but not in the greater context of national relations) Nothing like insulting a potential ally. (We all know these latin dudes have hair trigger tempers, so why push it???? Right?)

One might begin to wonder if he and his staff are really using these gaffes as veiled insults, to make already strained relations even more difficult, and to put the US at an even greater disadvantage in the eyes of the world.? I mean, Brazil has several gazillion barrels of oil and the resources to make sugar based (rather than corn based, which is a boondoggle at best) ethanol that they might ship to us (if we ever got rid of the tariff BS). We might need those barrels of oil and ethanol someday soon….

Were I a leader of a country whose fortunes could in any way be tied to the actions of the US (and its Court Jester President) I would be starting to become a bit worried about now. I mean, how unprofessional can he get?