“From Each according to His abilities……”

Quinn says, “There will be some that will have a higher tax burden—but it’ll be based on the principle that all of us in a democracy can believe in; ability to pay. My philosophy is to cut taxes on as many people as possible in Illinois.”
Gov Pat Quinn, Illinois.

Democracy? Or Marxism?

I always believed that the Democrats were closet Marxists. Now I may have proof…..

Question: Does a “rich” person use any additional infrastructure or state property than a “poor” person? Who contributes more to the coffers of the state for use by the state for maintaining bridges, roads, police, etc?

But then again, I am NOT a democrat, so what do I know???

ETA: Oh, and what will the governor do if the “rich” move to another state? It’s happening in Kalifornia already. People are moving out due to taxes. If this happens in Illinois (and it will) then who will pay the taxes?