You should read legislation before you sign it

Had Obama (or even many of the senators that voted for it) bothered to read the $787 billion dollar stimulus bill, they would have known that the bill that they rushed through both houses had a provision to provide an exception for bonuses contractually obligated before February 11 of this year. The provision, and the exception, were inserted into the bill by the chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, Chris Dodd (D, Conn.), who has received more than $100,000 from AIG employees in the last 20 years, and had written and inserted the relevant provision, with the relevant loophole. Now, because it has come to light, he (and others of his ilk wish to, for political expediency, in some way rescind or, failing that, unconsitutionally tax, the bonuses)

So they cannot blame anyone but themselves for this debacle.

Were it not insulting to weasels, I’d call the entire bunch of senators who voted for this bill AND NOW HAVE THE BALLS TO WHINE ABOUT THE BONUSES, weasels.

So lets just say that they again have used poor judgement in their legislative endeavors.

But the facts are coming to light, and their duplicity shall not long remain hidden .

ETA: SCC has a list of donors and a different take on things. You should check out his list and commentary.