’tis interesting

And telling.


One of the guys that hangs around the airport works for an FBO….and his side job is managing at a Fireworks Outlet.

He was telling us that their market research tells them that the average customer spends nearly 820 dollars for the Independence Day holiday….And their average customer is on welfare or other government assistance, has 4 children, and gets some form of housing subsidy. They nearly all live below the poverty line.

Yet, oddly, they have enough money for fireworks.

He also said that the year they gave out Covid subsidy checks was the best year ever for the business.

I’m not really surprised, as poverty is a culture. Other than a tattoo, there is no better way to waste your money than fireworks.  It might even be the first best way to waste your money.

3 thoughts on “’tis interesting

  1. At least a tattoo will last you the rest of your life. Fireworks last a couple of seconds.

  2. Foolish spending is and has always been the hallmark of poverty. It’s why they are poor.

  3. You think the 4th is a specticle. Try being in Iceland on New Years Eve. Icelanders not only have access to the type only pros can launch in America but they save scrap wood all year to build huge backyard bon fires. It may be a right of passage to loose a few extremities.

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