I’m still asking:

Since Joe Biden is obviously not doing the leadership in the oval office….


Who is the man behind the curtain???

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    • he wasn’t in charge when he was p resident. valerie jarret was his handler. jake sullivan is joe’s. they answer to wef thru the intel cabal.

  1. There are several unelected bureaucrats making the decisions, behind the curtain, what-ever label fits the lack of governance on the Potomac. Obozo is not at the top of the totem pole, not any more, he is following directions just like Harris and Garland. Names? Weiss, Power, Jarrett, Eisen, there are others.

    • those are all go-betweens for soros et al. cia director likely has the codes since secdef is ailing/not willing to.

  2. It’s probably a committee of commies running things in the White House. It’s NOT Obama who was every bit the puppet Pedo Joe is….just more lucid and eloquent. The people making the decisions are evil criminals like Soros, Schwab etc. Unelected, unaccountable and hiding in the shadows. Many of them aren’t even Americans.

    • it was quickly apparent that obama was just a figurehead when pelosi et al forced “obamacare” thru. he wanted to address several other issues first, and the end product was a trainwreck that he wouldn’t even have endorsed if not forced to do so. the look on his face was that of a guy that just found out he was used. i almost felt sorry for him. almost.

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