The media is showing

a bunch of people in the greater Houston area that are needing rescue in the aftermath of (currently) Tropical Storm Beryl.

Now if you were unaware that the storm was coming, with heavy and relentless rains, and the accompanying flooding in the Houston area, the perhaps we should not rescue you. You are stupid and not a benefit to the human condition. If you were unaware that your home is in a flood area, then you just don’t pay attention to much, do you?

Same same if you are “trapped” by floodwaters. They don’t happen in seconds or even minutes. It takes time in areas like Houston for the waters to rise. If you are stupid enough to drive into those floods, then you deserve what you get (see above on my comment of whether you should be rescued)

At the end of it all, anyone with 2 working brain cells knew that the area between Corpus and Houston was gonna get hit by the remnants of Beryl, that low-lying areas were gonna flood, and that the would be power outages. If you were not aware, and could not make reasonable preparations, then I cannot feel sorry for you. If you drive your car or truck into floodwaters, then, again, I am unsympathetic.

It is expected that there will be torrential rains here tomorrow as the storm rains itself out. Like Houston, most people will be smart….some will not.


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  1. Both my brother and mom live north of Houston. What they got wasn’t the “remnants” of the hurricane, but the hurricane itself. The storm was forecast to miss the area but didn’t. Both my mom’s and brother’s houses are still without power as of this morning. My mom has a genny I gave her years back. My brother got it running for her but the fridge took one too many hits and its motherboard had woofed. I tried to talk my brother into buying a genny and he didn’t. Now all his food will go bad as well. My mom wanted to stay in her house so my brother left the genny with her. Why she didn’t go to HIS house to ride out the outage, allowing BOTH to benefit from the one genny and saving at least my brother’s food is beyond me. Sometimes the drama writes itself.

    I live in Southern California. We don’t have hurricanes here but we DO have a 3rd World power grid thanks to the natural disasters known as Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom. I for one won’t be caught short when the power goes out.

    For the life of me, I can’t see how ANYONE living in areas like the Gulf would not have a generator!

      • I believe that portion of Newsom’s retarded “green” law doesn’t go into effect until 2028. I could be wrong though. As it is right now, Things like weedeaters, lawnmowers, and the like, made after 31DEC23, can’t be sold retail here. Anything made before that date can be sold retail. Of course, all one needs to do is cross a border and buy one in AZ, NV, UT, or OR. Of course, Newsom can jump in his airplane to fly back east just get on TV to tell the world he “stands with Joe.”

        …All Newsom did was to create a black market for such things… True retards like him are born, not made…

        …Newsom needs to be perforated…

  2. a high percentage of katrina refugees went to houston and set up shop. that should answer your question.

    • Heh, that is what I was thinking. Specifically, How many of those poor souls came from Naw’lins but didn’t go back?

  3. For the past century or so society has….at GREAT expense….worked hard to keep idiots from removing themselves from the gene pool. We are now paying dearly for that foolish choice.

  4. They had a full week’s warning.
    They could have been in Minnesota in that time.
    Even if they were travelling by bicycle.

    That’s like the idiots hereabouts who build a house practically in the surf zone, and are shocked when a storm brings the ocean into their living room.

    • Oh, I dunno, Aesop. On Mapquest, it looks to be on the order of 1,000 miles. Having done bicycle touring myself (years and years and years ago…), in my view 100 miles a day is a considerable distance to cycle. I’d spot you, say, Topeka, on a bicycle for seven days.

      Still, your point remains unchanged. As Saint Peter asked the dude who drowned when his house collapsed in Katrina, “So, we sent you the cops, the firefighters, the national guard, the Coast Guard: did you want a fucking miracle? “

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