Failure in the victim selection process

So, apparently while a pair of US Marshals were sitting guard outside of (and down the block from) Judge Sotomayor’s home in DC, a pair of young Redistributionists chose them to help spread the wealth….

The agent responded to the young Democrat striking the window of the parked government owned Dodge Durango with a pistol by shooing (at) the kid 4 times, striking him once.

Another agent in a different car nearby apparently shot at the carjacker as well. He was struck once in the face and is expected to survive.

Really poor choice of victim, there.

And one has to ask how, from Bad Breath range, the Marshal only got one hit out of 4. (note: I wasn’t there, there may have been other circumstances we don’t know about but 1 in 4 or 5 is a pretty low hit percentage).

The accomplice drove away in another van that was, apparently, hijacked.

But wow, what a bad choice.


2 thoughts on “Failure in the victim selection process

  1. The article says a gun was found in the kid’s pocket with no round in the chamber. No mention of the gun the kid supposedly pointed at the police. Maybe the kid was just a concerned citizen asking why the men were parked in an unmarked car in the neighborhood.

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