Seen a few hours later in Champaign, IL:



Just sitting there, no attendant, just parked and locked up.

Things worthy of note: That fiberglass shell must be heavy, the rims were 6 lug
  and pretty heavy duty. The interior is all vinyl in the same colors as the exterior. Pretty plush.  If I hadda guess it is a truck or van chassis.


Just not the things you expect to see as you drive by. Lots of people stopping to take photos though. I guess I am not the only Geek out there.


6 thoughts on “Seen a few hours later in Champaign, IL:

  1. That guy’s compensatin’ fer sumthin’…

    I actually saw one of these during one of my military cross-country drives. It was at a shopping center. The guy was giving out whistles that looked like… wieners… “You blow here…” Kinky bastard…

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