A stupid name for an even more stupid holiday. One would have thought that they would do December 18th instead, since that is the real day that Slavery was abolished…But nope, they don’t (and never have) even bother to acknowledge that day,

Instead they use a day in the middle of summer, A made up day with a stupid name so that the poorly educated African Americans can have something to celebrate…And now a National Holiday……and so people who were never slaves, whose parents were never slaves, whose Grandparents were never slaves, whose GREAT-Grandparents were never slaves, can whine about inequality and demand reparations from people who never owned slaves, whos parents, nor grandparents, nor great grandparents never owned a slave (and many whose families weren’t even in the country when slavery was practiced).  And whine about how poorly they are treated and “Inequality ” and other bullshit excuses for their cultures failings.  Hell, many if not most, black people think that June 19th is the actual emancipation day….

I used to enjoy this day, as it is my Father’s Birthday, but the Leftists and the black leaders of the country have ruined it.

6 thoughts on ““Juneteenth”

  1. too lazy to pronounce the nine, says it all…..one day soon they will get the notion that they can kill us, all 8% of the world population that has kept the human species alive. my consolation is that soon after the human species will go extinct. f ’em.

  2. Gives me an excuse to wear my stars and bars hat. Got to piss them off.

  3. Slavery was not abolished, rather it was transformed. First blacks do crime, then get sentenced, put in prison, then sit in a cell all day or work–so they work. But do not call it slavery..

  4. Juneteenth originated in Galveston, Texas, when enslaved people were told of their emancipation on June 19, 1865. It was a Texas holiday and when I lived there and it was celebrated somewhat. Texas made it a holiday in 1980 and it became a federal holiday in 2021.

  5. I celebrate Juneteenth because June 19th 1953 is the day the Rosenbergs were fried.

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