So the hard questions were asked

But the ATF was not forced to answer. No one will be held accountable. Not for the timing of the raid, not for the failure to wear body cameras (neither the ATF raiders NOR, oddly, the Little Rock PD officers), nothing will happen.

Asking the hard questions makes the Senator look good and aggressive and all that, but failing to force him to answer shows this this is all just grandstanding. Waste pof time, really.

And no one gets any sanctions, much less jail time, for the murder of Brian Malinowski. Still under “Investigation”….Innit funny how other crimes, like the killing of a black man under arrest are reported and investigated in a day or so…this one will be “Under Investigation” until they think people will forget about it. Either way, it is still murder by the ATF.

The way this is heading, at some point any DOJ official, be they US Marshall, FBI, Fisheries, IRS, or ATF (and others) will have to be considered a threat, simply by existing….How you respond to that threat will be up to you. This may also , at some point, mean before they come for you, Preemptive, if you will.

Just sayin’

Remember: if they can do it to him, they can (try) to do it to you. Be ready. Leave a mark.

Don’t do anything stupid. But remember, if raiders/invaders are in your house it’s 2 to the chest, one to the head, and one to the groin. Repeat as necessary.


YMMV. Don’t do anything illegal……Yet.

4 thoughts on “So the hard questions were asked

  1. anything illegal? between everything being illegal, including speaking your mind, and trumped up charges ie: lies, just how the hell do we accomplish that? recent events have shown they can come for you at any time for no reason at all. look at trump…the more you want to be left alone, the more target you are to them. even the locals are involved.

  2. The gov is hellbent to restrict or remove your individual liberties, ruin and destroy your livelihood, destroy your way of life, destroy your country, reduce you to status of subject, conceive of an implement a plethora of injuries to your well-being, with little to none regard of your protestations.

    It is not our form of government which is injurious to our well-being. It is those certain persons with names and faces who misuse the levers of government to satisfy their own wickedness. Because the depths of wickedness has no bottom, it will only become worse as their perversity is enlarged

    How long?

  3. “Kabuki Theatre” is about distracting the masses with theatrical performance that means absolutely nothing!

  4. An excellent case in point on the necessity of having surveillance cameras outside and inside your home, with the video not only streamed to your DVR but to a server on the Internet. Not cheap, but security never is.

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