Shoot one or two

And it’ll stop entirely….and immediately.

Moment when illegal immigrants swarm border wall, throw sand, rocks and water bottles in ugly clash with Border Patrol agents trying to stop them

Enough of this bullshit. Behave or stay the hell out. IN fact, just stay the hell out, period.

Fuckers think they can pull this shit (and right now, they can)…But you shoot a couple and they’ll change their tune quickly.


5 thoughts on “Shoot one or two

  1. Indeed! I watched this video and asked my wife “WHEN do the GUNS come out??? WHAT EXACTLY does it take for the Border Patrol to return fire???”

    …Maybe it’s time for We, The People to do what our “government” won’t…

    • and WE will get arrested, by those very bp agents. me, i advocate machinegun turrets and minefields.

  2. Sigh… agreed. But the BP officer(s) that do, would be crucified! Dammit…

  3. If you shoot a couple they’ll start shooting back. You have to shoot a LOT of them.
    Enough to make the trip to risky to attempt. The left and their minions only respect one thing. Force. Naked raw force. They laugh at every thing else. It’s always been that way.

  4. Watching the news yesterday I had the same exact thought. Funny how some folks think alike.

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