Separates the adults from the children.

And the mature from the childish…..The boys from the Men (and yes, ladies, this even applies to you…especially as you grow older).

How you handle it shows your character. You can’t really hide from it, because the hiding also shows your character…you know and we know when you re wrong. Face up to it like an adult.

One thought on “Separates the adults from the children.

  1. I arrived at the residence at the agreed upon time. My purpose was to provide an estimate for home remodel work. I knocked on the door. I was surprised and shocked when the 16 yr old daughter answered. She was gorgeous and not just because of her youth. She also had just stepped out of the shower so had on only a towel wrapped around her..

    She said neither mom or dad were there and I should come in. Oh hell no, thought I. I called the Mr who said I should call the Mrs. The Mrs became irate that I would not enter the home with only a minor of the opposite sex there.

    Husband eventually showed up. His tone was very condescending. At that point I stated I will not be providing an estimate. Find someone else, I am not interested in the job. He then became quite angry then made the hollow threat that he will sue me for damages (emotional distress, lost time, breach of [non-existing] contract). His antics were laughable.

    Experience had taught me that some people are too much trouble. Not once did either of them show humility or offer an apology.

    Normally I would quote a higher price to account for the ‘hassle factor’. But certain personalities are too great a pain for that. In such case, the only answer is no.

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