Mayor Adams may well be right

Paid for by folks working for Soros:

“Crowds on Demand” denies any involvement….

But the fact that there is a company (apparently more than one) that can and will provide a “crowd on demand” says a great deal about the truth of these protests. None are real, all are staged. One can usually tell by the pre-printed signs and banners…

Especially, I think the Leftish protests, or at least the protests for Leftish issues. They seem to believe that the size of the crowd somehow makes them more impressive and influential.

3 thoughts on “Mayor Adams may well be right

  1. and the media cameras shoot the crowd from ground level, making it look bigger. the one in new york yesterday had maybe a dozen marching by the cameraman then running around back to rejoin the line to make it look like a real demonstration. several were toting uaw union signs. i’m surprised that didn’t bring a beat down. the one at va tech had 82 “protesters”. out of 8 million, i’d say that was nothing. the funniest part is the lead guy was obviously gay as hell, who would be tossed off a roof in “palestine.” only thing this is doing is bringing back good pr for the cops. and maybe putting the final nail in the “higher ed” coffin.

    • The UAW of is all in for ‘palestine’. It’s on their website. No surprise there.

  2. Duly noted is the lack of reporting of the response of the tuition-paying parents of those misguided yutes when they find their precious skipping class or being arrested on criminal charges.

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