Question for the Louisville police as well as the country prosecutor there…

Now that we have much more complete videos of the incident with Scotty Sheffler and his arrest for not being an obedient peon failing to follow the chaotic orders and since the videos (as well as eyewitness testimony) show that the officer was never “dragged” by Sheflers’s car (as it was written in the police report)…..are they gonna charge the officer(s) with perjury, or at least falsifying a police report….?

Are they gonna go back and review all the arrests from every officer involved because we now know that they are liars, and their testimony cannot be trusted?


Asking for a friend and all that.

It would seem to me that these officers, each and every one involved with the arrest or whose name appears on the report, should be fired, at a minimum, and, ideally charged and fired for lying.

Mr Sheffler is looking at a felony for the incident, which we now know was overinflated by the officers on the scene.


3 thoughts on “Question for the Louisville police as well as the country prosecutor there…

  1. Courts across the land have held that cops are reliable and expert simply for being a sworn officer.
    The majority of, if not all, trial lawyers agree the testimony of witnesses is circumspect. This includes expert witness.

    Those are two contradictory statements. Both are true.

    In a case of reckless driving, the defendant, an agency ordinary citizen was found guilty. This based upon the testimony of the officer. Never mind that the defendant was certified in several courses from the Bondurant school of driving and worked on occasion as a stunt driver in the movies. Plus, he had decades more driving experience in general than the officer.

    The case originated by the officer observing the driver swerve. Defendant stated that he swerved to avoid multiple debris fallen from a commercial truck. It was dark night, light rain. Officer swore he saw no such debris on the roadbed.

    I was there. I was also there when an officer …. Oh forget it I’ll just say there have been multiple times in my measly little world that I had been penalized, found guilty, just in the basis of bold faced lie of a cop.
    Courts will often disallow contradictory evidence. That’s a fact .

  2. I went to court to fight one of my two tickets I ever received. The cop flat out lied to the judge. I even had video showing the speed limit was 55 and I was ticket for going 55 in a 45 zone. The cop swore to the judge I was WB instead of east bound thus the limit was changing to 45 where he ticketed me. A flat lie. I was a ticket quota casualty.

    Judge says I know him not you. You are guilty and I could charge you with perjury.

    A badge doesn’t make you right.

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