If Cops think that it is a valid reason to shoot someone just because that person has a firearm in their hand…..Therefore that person is a valid threat…..

Does that then mean that if I encounter a police officer with a drawn firearm that I get to shoot him or her because I can perceive them as a threat in the same preemptive manner?

I ask this because of the reasoning (by the sheriffs office) for the shooting of Roger Fortson in Florida the other day….

I know the excuse is “Officer Safety”, but being a cop isn’t even in the top 10 most dangerous professions here in the US. And why is “Officer” safety any more valid and important then MY safety or the safety of any other citizen’s? We all want to go home at the end of the day.

How about if he (or she) puts his hand on the firearm in a holster in a threatening manner? In my state, this is considered “brandishing” and is legally a threat….can I shoot the cop then? (I can, generally, out draw and out shoot most police officers, so this is actually valid) Just asking ’cause I want to be clear….I mean, if it is ok for the cops then it should be OK for me, right? Same rules and all that?

This shooting, at the face of it, looks like plain and simple murder to me.

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  1. yep. but we’re not “equal” any more, we are the peasants that are to be controlled by whatever means. when i was a cop, it was drilled into my head to never pull the pistol until i thought i needed to KILL somebody. otherwise lesser means were to be used. last time i got pulled over, for a tail light, the copper in bloused boots and black fatigues pointed an ar15 in my ear. officer safety my ass. yeah, we had words.

  2. Thou shall not threaten thy sovereign’s praetorian guard!

    “Protect AND Serve” isn’t even in their marketing material anymore, let alone oath or ethos. I used to support the police, until I learned about all the bad apples and became agnostic. As I watched them refuse to police their own, nay even DEFEND them when they perpetrate crimes and break the law themselves, because you just wouldn’t understand, you’re not one of us… then I lose all respect for them as a species, trade, craft, calling or profession.
    KICK THE ROTTEN APPLES OUT, and I’ll have some respect for you again. Turn a blind eye and let them be little piggies? Than Fuck The Police! Not even going to donate to your toy drive anymore! Don’t want you to brainwash the kids into thinking you’re not a slimebag hypocrite.

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