“A man oughta be able to do a robbery

Without some bystander stepping in and shooting him”

I guess that career criminals can do it, but bystanders can’t.

So the parents of a robber, holding HIS gun at the heard of store staff, are angry that some bystander chose to intervene and shot their son…..: “He shoulda just Left the store and gone on”


I am sure that s soon as this latest robbery was done he was gonna “Turn His Life Around.


3 thoughts on ““A man oughta be able to do a robbery

  1. 1) Dindu’s family are idiots, because obviously the customer’s life was threatened the minute Dindu swung around, gun in hand.
    2) Customer needs some more shooting lessons, if he didn’t manage to end Dindu with five shots. The local police chief should pay for the lessons and the ammo, after handing the customer a Civic Attaboy Award.
    3) Dindu’s family should be charged with being accessories before the fact and misprision of felony.
    200:1 they are guilty on both counts of exactly that.
    4) They should also be publicly doxxed.
    5) The customer who shot him should also sue Dindu’s family in civil court for public defamation, to drive the point home.

    Oh, and color me shocked: It’s Mobile, AL, and once again, Dindu is another fine Amish lad out committing crime while out on bail for committing the very same type of crime, already racking up multiple felony counts at the age of 18.

    Get another occupation, Dindu.
    You suck at this one.

    They need to LWOP this kid now, and offer him voluntary euthanasia as an alternative, purely out of pity.
    He’s not ever going to contribute to society except as a leech upon it.
    Use him to test nerve gas or something.

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