The end of the war for the State of Texas

The Battle of San Jacinto ended today.

Santa Anna signed the treaty and sent the Mexican Army home.


‘Twouldn’t have been possible but for the delaying action of the Battle of the Alamo.

And once again, we see how a few fighters can change the entire direction of a country or a state. Simple resistance can make a great deal of difference. .


5 thoughts on “The end of the war for the State of Texas

  1. to paraphrase churchill, …..there may come a time when you have to fight with the odds stacked against you with no chance of victory, because death is better than slavery….its about that time. they have engineered the bird flu to infect humans with 56% fatality rate. it’ll be here about mid june. those left will be subjects of the new global govt.

    • Not saying you are incorrect here, but what relationship does bird flu have to the Battle of San Jacinto?

      • Yeah, the Beatle fo San Jacinto happened beck in the 60’s when “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” was played on the local AM station there…

      • the resistance of the few. sorry i buried it so deep, feeling fatalistic today. how about “can’t stop the signal mal”?

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