Stay, Or go?

So on the one hand, the eclipse in my area will be like 96%. Not totality, but close. But the weather is spozed to be clear and sunny for the time of the eclipse

On the other hand, I could fly to Bloomington In or to MT. Vernon, IL (I have reservations for both) both of which are in the “Zone of totality….but where weather will be cloudy, partly cloudy, Scattered or broken clouds.

I am told by people that the difference between “almost totality” and Totality is HUGE. But some totality in a clear sky may be better than obscured totality.

Do I give up on what is, essentially, my last chance in my lifetime to see a Total Solar Eclipse, or do I take the sure thing at 96%???


At this time I am unsure of which way to go. Any comments or opinions are welcome. If you have experienced Totality, and it is worth pursuing, then please let me know that. Is there really a big difference between 96% and 100%?




7 thoughts on “Stay, Or go?

  1. difference, but not enough to justify the cost/trouble. but the sealer is how the govt has been freaking out about it. i’m thinking a false flag about to drop. stuck a ways from home would not be fun.

  2. If I had a 6 seat cabin class time machine, I would fill the seats, at least one being a pilot friend. I’d climb to 17,999 and stay within the path of totality as long as possible.
    Good luck, we’re all counting on you.

    • I thought about that,

      Not sure if I can get above the clouds, plus I’d have to bank the airplane to see anything.
      Plus I’m not sure how long I could keep up with it, as I am told the shadow is moving at over 800 MPH. I fly about 240 balls out (which burns a LOT of fuel), so maybe a couple of hours.
      Not sure what ATC would do if I asked for that, either.

      It is, however, still a possibility. Will look at it when we do the final planning tomorrow morning. Good suggestion..

  3. Not a clue… I’m not in the total path, but I’ve seen one. I’m not going anywhere.

  4. Was in the totality path in 2017. Also the annular last year. The difference between totality and almost totality is huge. Worth the effort if you’re into such things.

  5. I’m about a mile from dead center of the path of totality (according to the maps I’ve seen) in rural central Texas.
    Weather cloudy but clearing.
    Kinda excited

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