Can anyone explain to me

How the fact that Trump (or at least his “people”) trying to downplay his affair with “Stormy Daniels” AKA Stephanie Clifford somehow illegal as “election interference”?

I mean, if acts like downplaying the negative parts of any candidate before an election are illegal, do we get to charge Biden for hiding his son’s crimes? For the fact that they have been downplaying Slow Joe’s cognitive decline? His apparent incest with his daughter? These are not supposition, they are facts. Yet many people worked hard to downplay and outright hide those facts before the appointment election. How many FBI agents will be jailed for hiding and slow-rolling the investigation of the Hunter Laptop and it’s negative reflection on Joe and his family?

Or the irregularities with the Clinton Family finances and their “Foundation:….

I mean, I am good if those are also illegal…..and the trials start soon.

Or do we have a two-tiered justice system?

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  1. A fair question, although one that is rhetorical. The thing that has my attention right now is a conversation I had with a friend of mine over the weekend regarding the statement made by the governor and AG of New York in which they told potential investors not to worry about bringing their money to NY and that they were only out to get Trump, no one else.
    This guy is a partner at one of the bigger Wall Street firms and he told me that investors – both foreign and domestic – are unanimous in their assessment that NYS is longer a safe place to invest their money. They are also seriously looking at other states and countries to park their money, lamenting the fact that whatever your politics were, the law was the law here. Unless you did something really bad to get on the authorities radar, your money and investments were safe. No longer. And this will have ramifications for decades to come.

  2. Ref disinvestment in NY: Reap –> Sow.

    Popcorn, incoming!

  3. “do we have a two-tiered justice system?”

    I presume your question is rhetorical. Or else you really haven’t been
    paying attention. But to reiterate… The rules/laws do NOT apply to
    the left. Only to those who oppose them. And this is proven over and
    over every day of the week.

  4. We all see the problem… What are we waiting for?… For the United States to become a huge version of Mexico?…

    • How do we stop this?

      Thre are no legal methods that I can see. To go extra-legal is fraught with peril and fail.
      Have you a suggestion that can succeed and not put us behind bars?

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