And if the cops try to stop me, can I “deal” with them too?….”Take Matters into my own hands” there too?

I mean, its bad enough that the cops just stand around when some bunch of assholes blockades a road or access to a building or whatever.

But for most of us, if we try to remove the blockaders, we have a legitimate fear of arrest and felony charges.

Sen. Tom Cotton to people stuck behind “pro-Hamas” road blockades: “take matters into your own hands to get them out of the way”

But Sen Cotton says we SHOULD take matters into out own hands abd move the blockaders out of the way (I think I’d take MC’s advice and carry a bunch of big zip ties to tie them to some immovable object so they don’t just walk back into the road and block it again)

But if they protesters struggle, can I use force to subdue them? If so, how much? Can I just run them over? (That’d get them out of the way!)

How about when the cops try to intervene when we remove the irritating little protesting assholes from the path? Can we “Take matters into our own hands” there as well?

Can I use the Senator’s words as a defense when I get arrested?

Just wanting the ROE to be clear.


The protestors claim a First Amendment “Right to protest”…but does that include blocking rights of way or other travel? Is that blockade a “peaceful” protest? I think not. Blocking my right to travel is a form of violent protest. If they wish to stand on the side of the road and chant while holding a sign, I fully support their right to do so. If they block the path of people, is that still “Peaceful”?

5 thoughts on “And if the cops try to stop me, can I “deal” with them too?….”Take Matters into my own hands” there too?

  1. If they can hold me hostage by law , then I should by able to hold them hostage.

  2. Can I prevent people from entering an abortion clinic and be treated the same way by the police? Hypocrites.

  3. This is the quintessential example of anarchotyranny. Where the law only applies to certain people but not to the criminals doing things that the criminals in power want to happen and certainly NOT to the cops who “are just following orders”. But if you or I set one toe across the legal line they WILL come down on us like a ton of bricks.

    We are living in a post legal society. Our only viable options are neither peaceful nor legal…since the left has proven that they refuse to be stopped by peaceful or legal means. So don’t talk, don’t brag, don’t involve others…who will likely be a fed plant. Just DO.

  4. Zip-tieing them to something or glueing them to something will get kidnapping and illegal restraint charges filed against the counter-protester in most leftist jurisdictions.

    Just like shooting them in self defense will get the shooter put into a long criminal process (think Rittenhouse.)

    Of course, if you do actually do something, get yourself a lawyer. And don’t brag about it, talk about it, speak to authorities about it. Until you have consulted a lawyer, if possible.

  5. Perhaps taking high-quality photos of the “speed-bumps” and posting them to social media to dox them.

    The governor of Louisiana is attempting to yank the scholarships of the basketball players who embarrassed the Great State of Louisiana on public TV. It is likely that the perps are getting some kind of aid from the state…scholarships, grants, teaching positions. Threaten their rice-bowl. Push-back on the businesses that hire those morons. Hire a dude to wear a sandwich board with the perp’s photo to walk back-and-forth in front of their employer’s place of business.

    Hey, I am retired. I got the time to wear that sandwich board.

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