“accountability to Law Enforcement”

Except it isn’t any accountability.

DOJ in final stages of settlement negotiations with victims of Larry Nassar over FBI misconduct:

Th Taxpayers are footing the bill for this.

Not the agents, nor their supervisors, have been fired. No agents nor management will pay a dime. No one loses their retirement funding to help pay the settlement. No one loses their house nor is in any way on the hook financially for their screw-ups. No one is under criminal charges for failing to do their job, or even bother to investigate. No agents have been jailed.

There is no accountability for the people who ignored the complaints.

Unless, and until, the agents, their supervisors, and the upper management are broken for the failures, there is no accountability and no incentive to actually do their job.

One thought on ““accountability to Law Enforcement”

  1. You seriously don’t expect the criminals in power to actually hold their personal praetorian guards accountable. Never gonna happen.

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