Only if it sounds like George Jetsons car

SpaceX-Backed Flying Car Startup Gets FAA Nod

You can get a place in line with a $150 Pre-order deposit…Flying cars are gonna be interesting what with how well people drive on ROADS.

They say it might deliver as soon as 2025. Maybe. No guarantees though.


2 thoughts on “Only if it sounds like George Jetsons car

  1. PHUK-DAT!!!! People in California can’t even respect what that red octagon at the corner!!! Imagine being ground zero for an aerial head-on while you’re watching the tube!

  2. I doubt if this is an actual plan to produce a real product for wide spread use.
    It’s most likely a con to get foolish “investors” to part with their cash. No shortage
    of grifters out there pretending to be a legit start up company.

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