“Manna from Heaven”

At Terminal Velocity even…

Five people were killed and several injured after a parachute landing a humanitarian airdrop failed to open, bringing a pallet crashing down into a crowd of people waiting for food north of Gaza City’s Shati refugee camp.

All the media is very carefully not saying which country was doing the airdrop when the defective parachute allowed the pallet of food to crash into the ground.


6 thoughts on ““Manna from Heaven”

  1. Standing under a pallet….parachute or not… isn’t the hallmark of a high IQ mentality.
    I’d call it culling the herd.

  2. Dan is correct, and I’m betting ‘that’ was a causative factor.

  3. Bwahahahaha!

    How many other countries have announced that they’re airdropping food?

  4. They ought to drop live turkeys on gaza ,aka WKRP. Oh the humanity!

  5. Cue Israel dropping humanitarian pallets of cement onto crowds in 3, 2, …

    But it was to help them re-build!!!…

  6. I reckon it looked like another pallet of cash and they wanted first dibs.

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