Hiding in a swamp…..

That should, indeed, be the only refuge for pedophiles and child porn traffickers.

(that, or the death penalty, which is, IMO, a real option)..

A wanted sex offender was found living in a stick and tarpaulin shelter deep in a Louisiana swamp and eating rats that he hunted with a makeshift spear.  Brian Schaller, 51, was convicted in 2016 for distribution of child porn and had active warrants for sexual battery and violating the terms of the sex offenders’ registry. 

(Personally, that should be the only sort of place they should be allowed to live even after release from prison)


4 thoughts on “Hiding in a swamp…..

  1. Why him?

    Why aren’t they expending as much effort pursuing Epstein’s Island alumni?

    Maybe they will give this dude 6000 hours of community service, hunting EI alumni and killing them with his spear.

  2. I live with a victim of child abuse. Even now at 68 years old she has terror nightmares and wakes up screaming.
    In my humble opinion; a slow death for those abusers would be appropriate.

  3. Put an electric fence around his “stick and tarpaulin shelter…” and release the alligators…

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