Have you noticed

That, while it made the local news and (some of) the international news services…..the apparent execution of Bryan Malinowski by the ATF (or perhaps, possibly, it was a criminally bungled raid) is oddly absent in the National Media.

The details are somewhat murky as to shy it had to be a no knock raid at 6 AM though…or why he wasn’t picked up on the way to, or at, work instead of breaking down his door at 6 AM.

9 thoughts on “Have you noticed

  1. Odd… Very odd… This guy gets a 0600 reveille for selling guns he actually PURCHASED, but those involved with “Fast & Furious” got to sleep in…

    …Odd indeed…

  2. turns out he was a gunrunner on the side. dealing w/o an ffl. STILL not no-knock worthy. kinda hard to destroy gun evidence. no need for the ten suv’s and 16 agents either. atf is well known for cowboy theatrics. they got one of their own killed in a raid a few months ago. turned out the guy was a desk clerk, not a gun qualified agent. even clinton tried to shut them down. that’s when they came up with the waco raid. they pinned everything on janet reno.

    • i guess he figured he was protected by his clinton connection? not that much money in dealing guns, can’t imagine why he would be so stupid and blatant about it.

      • That’s the story they gave, anyway….

        Makes no sense, he was making high 6 figures. Gunrunning makes what, 50 large a year tops?

        Something smells.

    • Gunrunning at his income level?
      No, more likely he just made enough money to buy any gun that tickled his fancy, got bored with them, and sold them off.
      That’s not ‘making’ a business of selling firearms. That’s having a firearms hobby with more than usual disposable income.

      And because the idiots at the ATF are…well…idiots. He was executed for it.

  3. This wasn a raid. It was a message…an execution. And that message is aimed at all of us considering actually exercising our right to sell our property. They will just as happily murder any of us….and probably get a promotion for doing so.

    • It’s not “our” property anymore. The govt owns all; just lets us use it occasionally subject to immediate recall … by force.

    • Yeah, except the economics don’t add up. he wasn’t making bIg Bank selling guns. He WAS making high 6 figures running the airport.
      And why the no-knock raid at 6 AM? ? (A good way to get your agents killed if nothing else).
      You should read beyond that which fits your confirmation bias. Read the comments in that blogpost, which pretty much destroy the post itself.

      What happens in Aesop’s world when I kick the door down at 6 AM screaming (probably unintelligibly) “SearchWarrantATFFederalAgents) and your door is filled with folks wearing black clothing and face coverings? Are you just gonna sit there and shit yourself? I (hopefully) won’t.

      Even if (and it is an IF) they had a reason for the warrant, the execution of said warrant was poor, and led to this.
      Blaming him is bullshit. That’s like saying “she had it coming” ’cause she was dressed provocatively before she was raped.

      And Face to Face sales are legal in ARK.

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