Duh, not like we didn’t know this was gonna happen

Nikki Haley “suspends” campaign. Essentially ceding nomination to Trump.

She just wasn’t getting the votes. Duh.

In my opinion, she was really there to damage Trump. Plus, remember, even a candidate makes Big Money when running, what with all the ways to siphon money…advertising buys, print media, etc that enrich the candidates and their families. And those donations were dwindling…

Good Riddance though

6 thoughts on “Duh, not like we didn’t know this was gonna happen

  1. (hangs head with sadness) Just the thought that our American political scene is so rift with grift and graft.
    Yes, I did live in the era of Cronkite, I did live in the era of white picket fences and yes I did live in the LAST era of peace and simplicity. But, my experience can be used as a barometer of how low our country has fallen.
    I hunger for the “old times”. And all you negative nancy’s that will jump all over that statement FUG OFF! What style or type of living are you building for future generations?

  2. The whole electoral system is rife with corrupt and graft. Has been for decades…if not longer.

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