And that’s a good question:

Well, several, really.

Lots of money on these migrants. Good clothes, high end electronics, expensive phones. 

But they need help because they are poor and downtrodden?

And Biden’s policies let them in regardless if they claim “Asylum”.

Much like the overweight Mexicans and Venezuelans that supposedly “walked” thousands of miles. all clean and well dressed in unworn clothing.

Can we believe anything we are being told?

How are these Chinese folks getting here? Walking (as it that really happens with the other south and central americans) from China is kinda hard….are they flying, swimming? How?

3 thoughts on “And that’s a good question:

  1. Damned good questions and none that anybody wants to answer…

  2. NGO’s and the UN (among others) are transporting them up here.

    Guess who’s tax money is paying those NGO’s?

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