Summer to winter in 18 hours

Yeah, gotta love spring in the midwest.

High 60’s low 70’s on Tuesday. Sunny and beautiful


This morning: Snow. High 20’s


With a really nice set of thunderstorms (what do you expect with that temp change?) in between.

5 thoughts on “Summer to winter in 18 hours

  1. HOLY COW !!!!!!!!!!!
    That was the most awesome electrical storm I have ever seen in my life !!!!!!!!!!

      • I guess I better check my email !!!
        The tornado warning ended about 7:16 pm and we got about 15 minutes of light rain with strong winds about 7:30.
        Supposedly there was tornado action in Geneva which is 10 mile north of me.

  2. One of my coworkers said his parents had 80 degrees at lunch and snow fall by dusk. That is quite a fall, I agree.

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