‘Twas pointed out to me that is is weird that, of all people, Taylor Swift is setting an example of how a girlfriend should act.

I mean, Taylor Swidt, of all women….


But I guess that if a woman gets lonely enough, even a rich one,  she can learn to behave properly so she doesn’t drive her mate away.

Scary though. What’s next? Cats learning to fetch?

4 thoughts on “Shocking

  1. Hahahaha, I don’t want a girlfriend that looks like a toothpick & goes to foolsball games.

  2. She’s just not bored with Kelce….yet. But between dating Swift and shilling for the clot shot Kelce will get his heart broken one way or the other.

  3. You two miss the point. She’s nice, she’s supportive, she’s not trying to take his spotlight or opine on things she doesn’t know about. or run his professional life (at least not publicly)….she knows when to be quiet in the background (as much as the Media will let her be in the background) She is acting like a girlfriend should.

    Which is surprising, really.

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