Never liked ’em

But more and more I find myself thinking that we, the USA, need to distance ourselves from the United Nations……Stop participating, stop funding then, and give them 1 year to find another place (in another country) to call their headquarters.


The US is the top funder for the UN, and they have their dirty fingers in so many disgusting places and terrorist activities in the world.

Make ’em stop using our funds for such things.


I think this is a good reason to start the change:



6 thoughts on “Never liked ’em

  1. B, you are far too generous, I would give them a 3 day eviction notice and have the excavators, bulldozers and refuse trucks parked in the parking lot. If at the end of that 3 day, start the diesels!

  2. We need to get our of the UN….they just use the US as a source of cash. Get out and boot the organization out of the country. And we should have gotten out of NATO 35 years ago when the USSR collapsed.

  3. Agree with last sentence in OP. All of the trouble in Ukraine – what has the United Nations or even NATO done to help the Ukrainians. Its right in their neighborhood and you don’t hear bupkus.

    No work from them – why should we fund them. Let them hate us for free.

    • Not up to NATO to defend non-member nations. Ukraine COULD have joined, but chose not to. (Learn some history??)

      And the UN is a waste of money, useless and impotent.

      • Good point on the non NATO countries not getting help. I guess I should have just said if Europe doesn’t care to protect countries that are next door neighbors to them, then why should the U.S. protect Ukraine when it is a long a$$ away from our U.S. shores.

        Protect Ukrainian borders ? Mexico’s border with U.S. is far more crucial. Without U.S., the world gets ZERO help so the world sinks without U.S. presence.

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