I’m not gonna pay his bills….

I mean, I think he got screwed, and should appeal the verdict.


But I’m not gonna contribute to the Go Fund Me for Donnie that is (supposedly) gonna pay his $350+ million fine and expenses.

He’ll win on appeal, but for now, that’s his worry, not mine. Part of the ccost of doing business in New York.


But apparently there’s enough folks that wish to help pay his fine…so that he has already collected $77K (as of 14:30 Central time on 2/17/24)

More power to him. But count me out.


One thought on “I’m not gonna pay his bills….

  1. If people want to contribute to Trumps fund that’s fine. As long as it’s voluntary more power to them. I’d like to think he will have this overturned on appeal.
    But seeing the utter insanity and evil coming from the judiciary over the past few years I have strong doubts about Trump EVER getting a fair hearing in any court in any city of significant size. The lefts control over the judiciary isn’t 100%. But it’s damn close.

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