Funny what they choose NOT to report, innit?

I mean, we have Alexei Navalny all over the news…He died in a Russian prison camp , arrested for defying Valdimir Putin and being an opposition candidate. Lots of stories about him being killed, All over the news. Wall to wall converage of his death with lots of speculation. Lots of condemnation of Putin and Russia.


And yet we also have Gonzalo Lira, who was pro- Russia, but anti Volodymyr Zelensky and anti-Ukraine…… Imprisoned in a Ukrainian jail, his recent death went unremarked. And the mainstream media is practically silent.

Funny innit, how that works?

3 thoughts on “Funny what they choose NOT to report, innit?

  1. and the fact nalvany was a british asset gets left out too. and brandon says “we don’t know what happened but we know it was putin”? theatre of the absurd not only continues but expands.

  2. Yes…the Lame Stream media whores ARE very selective about what they report on. But I’d LOVE to see a comprehensive list of all the suspicious deaths that have happened to people associated with Putin. I suspect such a list would make
    Cankles The Killer Clinton look like a rank amateur.

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