If you got money to waste

Or if you need to spend money to feel like you belong, then this might be the next car for you.


How about a rebuilt electric VW bus?

That way, you get your cool nostalgia 60’s vibe going on, with modern Electric Vehicle kudos points from your hipster peers…..

If you are willing to spendĀ  $200 Large for the cool factor.

I mean, that’s a lot of scratch for a 200 mile range vehicle.

But hey, I bet they sell a few thousand of them.

6 thoughts on “If you got money to waste

  1. Nope… I’d go find an original and rebuild the motor for 1/10th the price.

  2. Meh.
    It’s not all stupid.

    Until it died completely and I sold it for parts, I was considering rebuilding the Astro van as an EV with solar panels on top, for errands-around-town trips and night shift short commuting. It would have had all day in the sun to recharge while I slept, and handled about 75% of my usage.

    But not as the sole vehicle in the stable.
    I had plenty of movie biz days where my mileage was 150 miles, one-way.
    EVs suck for that.

    • No way you would have had enough solar to recharge a battery even for 25 miles of usage.
      Nice dreams, but the numbers don’t work for car rooftop solar recharging.

      • That would have been the question.

        Instead, the whole vehicle crapped out, then COVID, so I got a 40-mpg Nissan for a hefty discount.

  3. $199,000 for the base model. I have to wonder what they are charging for the three options for this expensive piece of crap? I had a bus., a 1966. I paid $600 bucks for it, rebuilt the engine and put a custom dual exhaust and a set of twin Webers on it and surprisingly I could keep up with freeway traffic… While I enjoy my bus, I wouldn’t pay two hundred thou for that kind of virtual signaling. Hell even with the engine rebuild, massaging it a little bit and the carbs and exhaust I still got about 28 miles to a gallon and could go almost 400 miles on a tank of bad, bad gas.

  4. I bought an ’80 Bus with the Porsche 914 engine. Bought it new because good friend had an in at the dealership and got a great deal on it. I loved it but the wife, not so much. After 3 years I finally gave in, sigh… Miss it to this day.

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