I had not realized

Now much of a whitewash there has been regarding the malfeasance of Michael Mann and the others at the Climate Data Center.


I went to pull some articles in an attempt to show them to a person who is a True Believer….

And found that many of those articles hav3 been scrubbed….and I used other search engines than Google as well just to make sure that it wasn’t Google hiding them..

I then went back into my history and dug up some emails that had links to papers ….and found that the papers had also been scrubbed. Not just the websites, but the links to the papers and apparently the papers themselves.


Someone has totally rewritten history as regards the Global warming debacle. “Hide the decline” is now explained away as a simple misunderstanding, …There is no longer any loss of raw temperature data, etc.

Now only the Official Narrative exists.

Orwellian, really.


3 thoughts on “I had not realized

  1. I had the same thing happen after I read an article about an illegal immigrant going to law school in California on the taxpayer dime. Upon graduating, she had her picture taken in front of a HUGE Mexican flag that DWARFED her and SEVERAL family members. I went back to the article so I could forward it to a “NO, THAT JUST DOESN”T HAPPEN!” …relative… THE ENTIRE ARTICLE HAD BEEN REWRITTEN to muffle the fact that an illegal immigrant had just played us for all we were worth. The picture with the Mexican flag was gone. Her quote “I did this for Oaxaca, the place that I love” was gone. The part that talked about her going to law school so she could help OTHER illegal immigrants get into the country was gone. The whole article was reworded to basically say “Local girl makes good.”

    …This is the future… of history…

    Save any truth you find locally, and air-gap it to prevent sticky fingers from erasing it…

  2. I used to cut and paste a Jefferson quote when I was arguing principle with a lefty. One day, it just wasn’t there.
    My heart will make room for the truth
    was part of it.

  3. It has been so long ago that I read the book I forget the ending. I think it ends sadly.

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