Always “caused by climate Change”

News this morning:


Wet weather in California “caused by climate Change” is responsible for an rise in a fungal disease called “Valley Fever”… Of course, what they are referring to is normal seasonal variation called “Spring Rain” …..that is what refills the reservoirs  and snowpack that California and other southwestern states need to survive over the next year….

This is repeated in several online articles that have sprouted at the same time…..


Except that farther down into the article it states that  it is (maybe) becoming more prevalent “as drought pushes more agriculture into fallow ground, subdivisions sprout in the desert, and the West dries out”

None of THOSE could be the reason….Could it? Must be Climate Change. Has to be.


Funny how the news keeps pushing it, innit?

2 thoughts on “Always “caused by climate Change”

  1. Valley Fever has ALWAYS been possible here in the West. Heck; it was first identified in the 1880’s!

    I read the article. If the Pacific Southwest desert regions dry out, it’s “climate change.” If it starts getting rain again, it’s “climate change.” The weather we’re getting now is what we USED TO GET in the 70’s. It was called… wait for it… THE RAINY SEASON!!! The Valley Fever fungus LIKES the cyclic on again/off again wet weather. THAT’ST WHY IT’S HERE! Nowhere in the article factors in the HUGE uptick in the population in California during the time bracketed by the “scientific studies” that came up with the marked increase in the disease. Also, the Central Valley has been starved for water by ACTS OF CONGRESS over the years in question. The fungus LIKES UNTILLED GROUND. If the farmers can’t water their crops they don’t plant their crops. If they don’t plant their crops the fields go fallow, giving the fungus its desired environment.

    …I could go on all day… “Climate change” is a cake that can be baked in any number of ways to achieve the desired narrative. …Believe your eyes. Believe the people who have lived in areas like this for DECADES. “Scientists” who are being paid to land on a specific outcome? Show ’em the door…

  2. pay no attention to those planes running tight circles over solitary clouds in oklahoma, south dakota et al and off the western coast all day long.

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