Call ’em what they are: Invaders

“They are not migrants, they are ‘newcomers'”

W. T. F.


Is this really the view of Biden and the DNC?


“Newcomers? People wo illegally cross our border, invade our country, sponge off the Federal and State government….add to crime and economic collapse, burden our society and damage our country?


It shows that the DNC types INTEND to let each and every one of these people stay.

The DNC in general and Joe Biden in particular are traitors to the USA. Most of the Republicans who have stood by and let this happen as well.

4 thoughts on “Call ’em what they are: Invaders

  1. The left has long known that those who control the language control the society…and the future. This is just one more example of how they seek
    to control things by controlling the definition of something.

  2. It is quite easy. The census counts PEOPLE, not citizens. More people equals more representation in Congress, more federal funds, more electoral votes.

    It is politics at its worst. It is sickening.

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