Think about it:

Under the Biden Administration, there is no additional money in the budget for more Border Patrol agents.


But there was, oddly, enough money for 78,000 (yes, seventy-eight Thousand) new ARMED IRS agents.

Biden and his handlers WANT more illegals and they are gonna tax the hell out of you to pay for them.


3 thoughts on “Think about it:

  1. Not exactly breaking news. They have been telling us their plans for a long time. And implementing those plans with essentially zero opposition.

  2. No funds for the border, but Biden released $600 million to leftist groups for “environmental justice”, whatever the hell that is.

    The EPA wastes as much money as the Pentagon.

  3. Then the arming ILLEGAL aliens while simultaneously claiming White Supremacists need to be disarmed. Biden is stealing Barry’s game but instead of exporting FAST AND FURIOUS across a border, he is playing the Home Game ! Any violence increase by illegals will be blamed on U.S. citizens.

    Not Bull Shitting !!

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