Negotiating with congress using OUR money

S0 the Biden Administration is negotiating….

He’s (or whoever is pulling his puppet strings) is willing to “support a new border authority to expel migrants without asylum screenings, as well as a dramatic expansion of immigration detention and deportations in exchange for more funding for Ukraine. 


Think about this. He’s willing to stop letting people enter (and stay) illegally into the United States, in exchange for giving even more of our money, money ta the United States doesn’t have (so a deficit) to Ukraine, (and, one assumes, with the appropriate gratuity to the “Big Guy”).

Hes holding our country hostage and wants us to pay the ransom to Ukraine.


IF ever there is evidence that he doesn’t have the welfare of the Untied States and it’s citizens as his first though and priority, that his loyalties are for sale, this is it.


Oddly, we didn’t see all these illegal border crossers during the Trump years…

3 thoughts on “Negotiating with congress using OUR money

  1. He won’t get his 10% for protecting the border but him and his criminal family and the Nazi living communists in congress will get their kickbacks from ukraine.

  2. Classic mobster technique. But then the leftists running things are just criminal thugs hiding behind a facade of legitimacy.

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