Now that we all agree that the Laptop is real

(I mean, even the FBI now admits that Hunter’s laptop is real, and that they have known for 4 years…..

I have a question:


Are they gonna prosecute those FBI agents and DOJ officials who hid that fact for the past 4 years? Who LIED to the American public? Who did their best to obfuscate and hide that fact…especially in the months prior to the election?


Who goes to jail for concealing evidence?

If no one is punished (and I mean real punishment, like jail time and fines and losing their job and retirement benefits…) for the malfeasance of how the Laptop was handled then how can we ever trust anyone in the Department of Justice or the FBI ever again? At this point their credibility is hover close to, if not below, zero.

If they “Punish” someone like the punished Ray Epps (who was NOT A Fed) then it won’t help. We need Jail Time for those who helped hide the dealings of Joseph Biden and his son. Jail time for those who were aware that agents were hiding the truth.

Nothing less will do, if only “pour encourager les autres” for ay other government agents who might be considering what was, effectively, election interference.

Heads must Roll. Anyone who was involved, even peripherally, anyone who know and kept silent….and anyone who supervised those people….these people need to be removed from government service, barred form any Civil Service Job……for life. Jail time should not be ruled out…..if only for politicizing the Justice System.

9 thoughts on “Now that we all agree that the Laptop is real

  1. All of what you outlined should happen, but none of what you outlined will happen, because the System will not let it happen, until Reality bites the System on the ass, in which case the protest will be, “we were protecting the public”, and this will have no import on Reality. Heh

    • ^That.

      Yes, everyone from agent to Director should be looking at hard time in federal prison, for 150M counts of election tampering.

      Nothing close to that will happen, for anyone, and the media will treat this like a UFO sighting: somebody saw something, but there’s no story there.

      Hunter Biden is like a child-molesting priest, with the media playing the part of the Catholic Church, circa 1980.

  2. We’ve seen incontrovertible evidence used to justify another investigation instead of indictment for decades.

  3. Are you on drugs? That is Alice in Wonderland fantasy.

    Of course none of that will happen. Orange Man Bad.

    It should, but it won’t.

  4. The alphabits ( yes , spelled that way on purpose ) agencies concentrate/ specialize in cover ups , to protect their corrupt regime , instead of proper justice to protect the freedoms that our Constitution guarantees us all from tyranny from GVMNT .

  5. “…how can we ever trust anyone in the Department of Justice or the FBI ever again?”

    Quick answer: WE WON’T.

    No one is going to face the consequences of this… except us… Like Frankenstein, we created a monster that has now turned on us… I don’t see a way out of this without first killing the monster…

    • we? Who is this “We” that created the FBI/DOJ etc?

      ‘Twas’t me who created the monster.

  6. Nothing will happen to anyone. Which is MORE proof that the FBI…and virtually every Fed agency…is corrupt to be core. So corrupt they are beyond fixing. The entire system needs to be burned to the ground and all of the bureaucrats involved either imprisoned or hanged. It’s the only solution to the problem.

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